We can assist you as follows:

For students:

>Online consultations, 30 minute sessions, tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances.

>Coaching plans providing advice and guidance which cover a certain element, aspect or difficulty of your study, such as developing a project, resolving a current issue, writing a section /chapter of dissertation/thesis of any length or duration.

These are developed via an intial consultation which is entirely free.

For established professionals:

If you have an interest in, or require assistance with,  any of the areas covered, please get in touch.

For institutions/departments:

>Group tutorials  covering any elements described in the Expertise for either your students or members of department.

>Individual coaching plans which cover a number of your students on a monthly or yearly basis (1-to-1 appointments).

Please make sure you read the Terms of service at the bottom of this page.


Consultations provide advice derived specifically from your circumstances and needs of study. This is why we encourage you to send us a message describing your situation and interest. Thus, we can make sure you will receive the advice addressing the above precisely. Our response to your initial enquiry will describe what we propose to do for you, so that you can decide how to proceed. If you decide to book, we will send you a Paypal invoice. This applies to both consultations and coaching plans for longer duration.

Time. It is all about time.

The most serious cause of stress and anxiety in university life is the fear of time. Running out. Missing the deadline. Rushing to meet the deadline, yet submitting a poor paper.

Here, we place time at the centre of our coaching philosophy. The advice we provide aims to address time-induced anxiety, by showing you how to mould your circumstances to the time available.

And above all: let us remember that it is always unwise to wait until the proverbial last minute in anything to do with our studies. 

For international students

We all sometimes struggle with academic English. Writing proficiently, at university standard, in a second language  can be hard for so many reasons. 

Linguistic deficiency restricts access to  knowledge on university papers and brings penalties (in the case of assignment submissions and exams).

It also restricts our access to the other people around us. 


Here, you will find extensive expertise in assisting international students with language difficulties.

We can advise you specifically in terms of your needs so that your essay or chapter will allow your examiner best access to your content and, thus, increase your chance for the highest mark possible.

And then, just like so, you will find yourself amongst those around you; close, not apart.

Terms and conditions

All advice and assistance provided by Sophia Libris are governed by the published areas of Expertise, and are resultant from agreements with individual clients formulated in advance.

You must ensure that you understand what subjects we cover fully, and that the service we provide to you is based on the above. As such, no refund will be provided if your expectations fall outside these boundaries.

We offer no guarantee of any educational outcome (such as better grades) as a result of your engagement with us. You are fully responsible for the manner in which you use the advice provided.

No refund will be provided if you miss your consultation or fail to cancel 48 hrs in advance.

A full refund will be provided if we miss your consultation, have to cancel it for any reason or the advice provided does not meet the agreed content as set based on your enquiry.