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Questions you may have...

Q: How much does coaching cost?

A: The basic cost is £50/half-hour consultation. This is the only fixed price here. For all other activities, please enquire. We will provide a quote based on your requirements and circumstances.

Q: Are consultations available in the evening and/or weekends?

Yes, please enquire. We shall do our best to help you at no extra cost.

Q: How do I book a consultation?

Please use the contact form or email…… You will receive a reply within 24 hrs.

Q: What if I can’t attend? Can I receive a refund?

Yes, but only if you notify 48hrs in advance.

Q: Can you revise / proofread my essay?

No, we do not provide that service. You are, however, welcome to bring a sample of your writing to your consultation so that we may investigate all issues and advise about how to resolve them for the reminder of your essay.

Q: I often run out of time and I am very stressed as a result. What can I do?

We can help you with all aspects of time management in relation to any aspect of your study, based on your specific circumstances.

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