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      Specific areas

322355167_816f35d7c4_oACADEMIC WRITING

Coaching and advice provided in all aspects of Academic Writing for Research students as well as established academics:
         - structure & organisation
         - paragraph construction
         - academic writing style and language
         - reporting: paraphrasing and summary
         - referencing
         - text revision strategies / techniques
         - semantics
         - specific types of academic writing: abstracts, reports, literature reviews, research proposals
         - planning and preparation

REVISION & Exam Preparation

A methodology suitable for purposeful, structured and efficient revision (exams and other purposes), intended to give students practical tools for dealing with expected levels of stress and anxiety:
         - concrete revision strategies
         - the structure of revision materials (which type of study materials are necessary for successful knowledge acquisition)
         - revision timetabling
         - the common difficulties/pitfalls at revision time
         - practising realistically time management and exam techniques

322355167_816f35d7c4_o TIME MANAGEMENT / Structure of study

Strategies devised to ensure optimal time management and integration of study alongside other life commitments.

322355167_816f35d7c4_o ESSENTIAL STUDY SKILLS

Aptitudes necessary for successful study and assignment submission:
        - academic research (for individual assignments, such as essays, or larger and more complex
        - Critical Thinking (as a
deeply reflective process based on
discernment, analysis and critical evaluation)

        - efficient reading     
        - note taking
        - structured project management (dissertation, thesis)
        - presentation ide
and skills

322355167_816f35d7c4_o PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and Emotional Management
Certain aspects of Personal Development with emphasis on theories of self, such as awareness, exploration, behaviour, and interaction with social, professional and educational environments.
As Personal Development represents the one constant and permanent learning activity of our lives, it is not only instrumental, but also crucial in determining the way in which we present ourselves and are valued as individuals. 
Counselling is concerned with all research-related stress symptoms as well as integration with life.

Advising covers the following areas: 
         - assertive communication and the three fundamental behavioural models, namely  
passive assertive aggressive
         - confidence and self-esteem
         - criticism and feedback
         relationships and interpersonal behaviour
         - personal value systems
         -   sympathetic attitudes and rights of expression

The following areas are NOT covered:

Funding of studies


COPYRIGHT (law, regulations, etc)

IT applications

Content-related issues

Career prospects

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