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         These are some of the questions students have asked:

How does this all work?

1-to-1 online coaching takes place in real time at a pre-scheduled, agreed time, via either instant messaging (such as Skype) or phone. 
For all inquiries, please use the Inquiry Form, in the first instance. You will receive a reply (containing all relevant details as applicable to your specific needs, including cost) within 24 hours or, most often, even earlier.

The same contact procedure can be used for all other types of services.
If you decide to proceed, you will be sent a PayPal invoice.
Therefore, a reliable internet connection and valid email address are essential in order to access services.

How much does online coaching cost?
The basic rate for 1 hour coaching is currently £65. Any other type of advising / service will be discussed according to circumstances.


Is advising confidential?

Yes, always.


Will my grades improve as a result?

This depends on how you use and apply the advice received.


What if advice received here conflicts with that from my university?

All advice provided will be critically argued and explained, as should be that from your institution. The student decides which to adopt.


Does Sophia Libris offer an essay / assignment writing service?



Is it possible to get some help with my assignment writing?

Yes. Sophia Libris can advise you on various matters related to academic writing, but you, the student, will ultimately have to write your assignment.


Can you check whether my argument (discipline X) is strong enough in my essay?

No. Sophia Libris can advise on strategies to build a structured, coherent argument, but does not provide any advice strictly related to the discipline content of your studies. Such advice should only be obtained from academics specialised in that discipline content.


I am a student currently applying for X degree/course. Can you help with my research proposal?



I have difficulties with my supervision. Can you help?



I am preparing a paper for a conference. Can you advise on confident presentation strategies?



I am an international student starting my Research degree in the UK. Can Sophia Libris coach me throughout my degree or essential parts of it?

Yes, certainly.


Does Sophia Libris undertake text revision?

Not at the current time; advice on best and most efficient strategies for text revision is of course available.

I am a PhD student in my x year. When should I start writing on my thesis?
Now. The answer is always now.


Is my fee refundable in case of cancellation?

Yes, but only if cancelled by us, or at least 24 hours in advance by yourself.


I need urgent, emergency coaching. Is this possible?

Yes, but is subject to time availability. An emergency coaching appointment is that which takes place within 24 hours from initial inquiry, and is charged at a rate of £100 (usually an hour, but reasonably flexible).

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